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We believe that better movement and increased range of motion are the keystones of fitness and that quality coaching is a pivotal part of your experience.

Joe Guesnier
Meet Your Trainer

Joe Guesnier

Joseph (Joe) Guesnier is from Lubbock and graduated from Monterey High School and Texas Tech University. He has always participated in competitive athletics from baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, track, power lifting and MMA. He was also on the U.S. Sanshou team

This broad fitness background led him to CrossFit. Joe qualified for the Crossfit Regional Competition, and qualified for the CrossFit Games as a part of the CrossFit Lubbock Team. Moving forward, he hopes to  qualify as an individual for The Crossfit Games soon. Joe is passionate about helping you become the best you can be.

Cardio 75%


Strength 90%


Technique 95%


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